Rob DuBois, Author of Powerful Peace



The Source Of Safening

Enter the new year with new peace of mind. Retired Navy SEAL, intelligence operator and terrorism expert Rob DuBois has distilled a lifetime in the mind of the enemy to teach ordinary men and women practical personal security.

After years conducting and leading "Red Team" operations around the world, Rob's concepts on accurate threat estimation, cultural competency, asymmetric warfare and roots of conflict can help anyone walk through the simple steps to personal safety.

What Safening Is

Safening ("to make safe") is a personal process for private individuals and security managers to walk step-by-step through the full range of challenges facing them, estimate the realistic likelihood and--equally important--consequences those represent, and lay out the smartest, most comprehensive, most economical profile possible.


What Safening Is Not

Too many security educators sell themselves by selling fear first. They present extreme and unlikely scenarios, then help you feel that those are imminent. Once you are in a heightened state of anxiety about the sky falling, you are susceptible to any amount of "upsell" to buy one-size-fits-all prepackaged solutions...relevant to your life or not.


We don't sell fear. We help you better adapt to the reality you already know.
Know your enemy and know yourself and
you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

SEAL of Peace

Learn Safening With Rob DuBois

What you see is not always what you get in the complex realm of ignorance of others, common misunderstandings, and occasional deliberate malice by criminal actors. This initial series of seminars by Rob DuBois will present his fundamental awareness and readiness methods. Practice your new skills through provided exercises and dialogue directly with Rob as you learn to better protect yourself, resolve conflict, and prevent crises.


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NOTE: This series will be preparatory to our upcoming classroom seminar in Washington, DC.