Week 1, December 7 -- COMPLETED
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In military antiterrorism (AT) assurance we conduct the Criticality Assessment to understand our most valuable assets. We must also realize what assets we can leverage, offensively or defensively or through cooperative influence, to be able to choose the most economical option for every situation. The full range of possibilities can never be exhausted, because imagination is the only limit on useful tools in our efforts to prevent and protect.

Week 2, December 14  -- COMPLETED

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A common mistake is to under- or overestimate the adversary. In the antiterrorism world we conduct a thorough Threat Assessment to develop the most accurate and realistic picture of the challenges facing us. Safening will help you customize this approach for your personal life situation and begin to understand how perceived challenges may be overcome...or if they're simply overblown.

Week 3, December 21 at Noon EST

Win 100 Battles (2 hours)


Once we fully understand Critical Assets and
have a realistic understanding of valid Threats, the Vulnerability Assessment lets us match both sets of factors against one another. Why spend resources to protect an asset, unless threat is credible? Why ignore any asset that might actually be vulnerable to legitimate threats? And with your newfound insights, where might there be opportunities to help others?

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